The Ashes

There is a tournament that occurs between Australia and England and it is called The Ashes, which is a test cricket series. It dates all the way back to the year of 1882, and it is one of the most celebrated rivalries in international cricket. Cricket is considered as a summer sport, and they alternate playing this tournament between Australia and the United Kingdom. Their breaks that that take before each game, usually ranges from anywhere between 18 to 30 months at a time. Under the normal and regular rules for test match cricket, The Ashes compromises this series with five test innings and two innings per match. The country that has the Ashes has to retain them once a series has been drawn.

In 1882, The Sporting Times, which is a British newspaper, The Ashes series were named after satirical obituary. For the very first time in 1882, Australia beat English on English grounds for the first time at The Oval. View more about this match at So, when they published a piece in the obituary of The Sporting Times, they had stated that the English cricket had died, and that the body would be cremated and that Australia would take the ashes with them. Then in 1883, they wanted to have the match in Australia, so that England could regain the ashes and take them back to England with them. When they had arrived on this tour, a captain on the English team was presented with an urn. There have been many rumors that have stated that the ashes is actually from a piece of cricket equipment. They believe it to be a ball, stump, or a bail, however, a Countess had claimed that her mother-in-law had told her that it was actually the remains of a lady’s veil.

The AshesThere have been many tournaments that have been played between these two countries, and The Ashes have been passed back and forth between winners of the test cricket tournaments, however, they didn’t receive “The Ashes” name for a bit later. Around the year of 1925, there was a phrase adapted with the words “the ashes” in it, and then the name was adopted to the tournament. Get more information about The Ashes Series here. The original urn has never actually been passed between both countries. Therefore, it has only been passed between museums a few times, and it ended its travels in 2007 in an art gallery. The urn was considered to be too delicate to pass off to each team, and they did not want to break it or cause any type of damage to it. They replicated the urn so whenever England or Australia wins the tournament that they are playing, they can pass the replica off to the winning team and not cause any damage to the original. Australia was dominate for 20 years, and out of 10 tournaments, Australia won 9 of them. Therefore, when England had finally won the Ashes back, there was an uproar. It was considered a miracle and it was such a tremendous shock when England had finally won for the first time in a very long time.

Every time each team plays The Ashes cricket tournaments, they each play to win back the ashes. It is a continuous rivalry between Australia and England that has become an extremely popular event. The last series of the Ashes was held in 2013, and it was hosted by Australia this time. Australia won the five test matches series, and this was the first time that Australia had completed a “clean sweep” in the history of Ashes, and this feat was never matched by England. There are many individuals who anticipate the tournaments because of the rivalry between both countries. This sport is going to be appreciated for many years to come, and it is also going to be one of the most remembered sporting events as well. Everyone enjoys the battle of the two teams, and to see which team will be the one to take “The Ashes” back to their country with them until the next tournament. It started as a joking gesture over the winning team taking home the home teams winning prize, and it has continued as a joke and good fun throughout the centuries. Australia and England will be continuing these tournaments and these series far into the future, and will continue to take home the prize “Ashes” for whoever wins each series.